Prevail Trim by Valentus is a Fruity Weight Loss Drink with Maqui Berry, Raspberry Ketones and more!
What is Prevail TRIM?

Between 300 and 1000 people die everyday due to obesity related health issues. This might not be the case if weight loss wasn’t so difficult and this is why nutritional beverages like TRIM are so helpful. Don’t let someone you know and love become another statistic, share this page with them to learn more about the benefits of Prevail TRIM weight loss drink, which include help in the following:

  • Hunger Control
  • Detoxing Your Body
  • Fat Blocking
  • Fat Burning

Prevail TRIM has a refreshing Piña Colada flavor and can help manage your weight!

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Directions: Mix contents of one packet w/ 12 to 16 ounces of water. For maximum weight loss results, drink one TRIM 3 times per day.
Valentus Prevail Energy Nutritional Facts

Benefits of Prevail TRIM Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia
It is no secret that Garcinia Cambogia helps to alleviate hunger cravings. It has been used to help fight off hunger for many years in Asia and Africa. Known for its hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that helps your body burn fat, it can also help by blocking citrate lyase which is an enzyme that your body can use to make fat.

Raspberry Ketones
Can help reduce your fat levels and boost your metabolism Raspberry Ketones was a must needed ingredient in our TRIM product. One study that was done shows a positive outcome for Raspberry Ketones when it comes to weight loss. Not only can Raspberry Ketones in Prevail TRIM help aid in weight loss, but it help regulate blood sugar levels and help produce Adiponectin protein that many type 2 diabetics lack.

Maqui Berry
This berry is not widely known like others, but it should be because it is a Super Berry. Maqui Berries have high a concentration of antioxidants and delphinidins. Delphinidins are considered useful in helping stop colon cancer growth and oxidation of cholesterol which can lead to heart attack and stroke. Furthermore these berries are known to increase insulin in the body which can keep your blood glucose levels suppressed and help stop new fat cells from being generated.

Chromium Zynchrome
This new derivative from Chromium has been tested with people who have type 2 diabetes and showed that it helped level out their glucose levels. It also raises your metabolism and helps prevent food cravings that can be a disaster to your weight loss diet.

Complete List of Ingredients In Prevail Trim: Inulin dietary fiber, Rice bran powder, Xylitol, Citric acid, Stevia (leaf), Natural pineapple powder, Natural orange powder, Natural lime powder, Natural caffeine from coffee bean, Garcinia cambogia (with HCA), Raspberry ketones, Maqui berry powder, Annatto powder, chromium


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