We love our customers and being a part of their weight loss success. They inspire us each day! Here are some of their amazing Valentus Reviews with pictures and testimonials of how Prevail Products and SlimRoast Coffee helped with their weight loss goals. REMEMBER, YOU CAN DO THIS, TOO!!!

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Valentus Coffee Review

“I’m loving this amazing Valentus Slimroast coffee . I lost 29 lbs total (started taking Slimroast mid of November 2015), I helped and inspired people who had a hard time in losing weight and I get paid weekly. From the bottom of my heart thank you Miss Casipe Alderson for introducing me this amazing product. Thanks to my friends who believed in me” ~Lizbeth

valentus reviews

I met Earl this past Tuesday night. He has had huge success using the Valentus products! He said they have changed his life, not in in weight but how he feels with his mood and energy levels! Great job Earl!!

best weight loss product 2016

“Anyone can drink slimroast. Not to just loose weight. But to stop the sugars from storing to fat. To lean your body. & simply drink a healthier coffee.” – Alex


“I started my weight loss journey a year ago. I got a gym membership August 2015 weighing 173lbs. I found Valentus March 2016 after I had lost 13lbs weighting 160lbs. The first month of the 12 in 24 plan (March) I lost 3 more lbs, I took time off in April to do the candida cleanse and started the 12 in 24 plan again in May. I am officially down 10lbs and 11.5 inches in the 3 months weighing 150lbs. But it’s not only about that, I have so much more energy and mental focus. My portion sizes are smaller and I don’t feel hungry ALL the time anymore. Xoxo”

trim review

Andrea” mom says- Andrea has lost much more inches then lbs. She does all 4 products daily. She does a coffee in the am and a trim,Immune and a energy at lunch time all mixed together. We have affectionately named it the Triple Threat!